Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I hate love to run.

Actually, that is not true. I don't hate or love running. I just do it. Like Nike says.

There are several reasons I run:

1. I know I should. I know I need some form of exercise to stay healthy. I want to be healthy for myself, Peter and Preston. I want to be around for a long time. I want to grow old with Peter. Hopefully I will have grandkids one day and I want to be active in their lives as well.

2. I would be lying if I said I didn't want to be a few pounds lighter and a few inches smaller. What girl doesn't?

3. I like the way running makes me feel mentally when I am done. I feel satisfied and accomplished. I have never regretted a run. Although after I finished my first marathon, I said, "I will never do another marathon again." A year later I ran the New York marathon. I relate it to childbirth.

4. I want to set a good example for Preston. I hope he finds some type of sport he enjoys. He doesn't have to run or play lacrosse and football like Peter, but I hope he finds some type of physical activity to help him stay healthy.

I never played any sport for an extended period of time. Maybe that is where the problem started? I played softball, soccer and basketball. I cheered and danced. But I never did any of those things for longer than a few years. And let's face it, it doesn't take talent to run. You just have to do it.

Right before I had Preston I "took a break" from running. That was a big mistake. I am having to start all over again and it is HARD. I do regret that break.

So I have decided to stick with running and not take anymore breaks. When my alarm goes off at 4:40am I really just want to go back to sleep. But I know the running group is expecting me. I know I need to run and that I will be glad I did when I am done.

One of the best things about running is that it is free, except for the clothes. But that is a whole other post in itself. I hate love Lululemon.

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